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Congratulations on your franchise with Massage Envy Spa! We would like to introduce you to Universal Background Screening, the preferred pre-employment background screening company selected by the Massage Envy Spa Franchise Support Center.

Universal Background Screening currently provides pre-employment background checks to Massage Envy Spa locations nationwide. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of our services and special discounts offered to you as a result of Massage Envy Spa being a preferred client.

Universal Background Screening is a nationwide provider of employment background screening services including criminal background checks, social security traces, driving records, employment and education verifications, credit reports and more. Universal has access to court records from over 3,500 jurisdictions throughout the United States, as well as court indices, department of corrections records and sex offender registries compiled from over 207 million criminal records nationwide.

Background screening of prospective employees is a fast, inexpensive and reliable way to add certainty to your hiring process. By quickly ruling out applicants who are convicted criminals, have a dangerous driving history, fabricated their employment histories or made up educational degrees, you can ensure that you are hiring the kind of employee that will not create unneeded liability for your company.

Background screening is especially important in the massage industry, where your employees work with the public in such a personal setting.

A study conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management, involving reference checking, resulted in the following information. The list below represents the percentages that prospective employees either regularly or sometimes falsified:

  • Social Security Number - 14%
  • Criminal Record - 45%
  • Former Employers - 35%
  • Length of Employment - 53%
  • Former Job Titles - 44%
  • Past Salaries - 51%
  • Driving Records - 33%
  • Schools Attended - 22%
  • Degrees - 30%

There are three specific elements that set Universal apart from other background screening companies:

  • Industry Leading Turn-Around Universal has a strict policy of completing background check reports within two days. On average, completed reports are delivered in two days or less, over 97% of the time.
  • Advanced Technology, Easy-to-Use You operate in real time and so do we. Our web-based system is easy to use and allows you to enter orders, check status and view results with ease. E-mail notifications alert you the moment a report is completed.
  • Proactive Customer Service For orders that exceed our two-day completion time, your dedicated client service representative and team will call you to let you know what has caused the delay and when the order will be completed. We then monitor the order to complete it as fast as possible, communicating the progress towards completion with you throughout the day. As it relates to orders that are not completed in two days (a rare occurrence) you don’t have to find us for answers, we find you and provide them.

At Universal Background Screening, our mission is to improve your certainty in the employment process through quick affordable and accurate background checks, exceptional customer service and an ongoing commitment to client education. Additional information about the Universal Background Screening program is available on our website and through your Universal Account Representatives.

Universal Background Screening provides employment background checks and drug testing to thousands of health organizations nationwide. As the preferred employment background screening and drug testing company, chosen by ATC Healthcare Services, we offer comprehensive services and special rates exclusively for you.

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